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2015: a year in COLOR review

2015 is the first time I've ever posted any photos of yours truly online for the sake of makeup! After months and months in a rut of only wearing neutral colors I challenged myself to wear COLOR for 30 days and to post my looks as I went to keep myself accountable! Man, it is a challenge to get a picture of makeup that looks like it really does in person! That was my biggest challenge! Here are just some of my looks I posted on IG this year under the #30daysofcolor!

I have to give a little shout out to my Urban Decay Electric Palette as it came to my rescue day after day. I didn't do all my looks with Urban but most of them were either Urban Decay or Sephora Collection shadows!

#eyeshadow #sephora #color #makeup #tutorial #eyelook #beauty #beautyblogger #makeuptutorial

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