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Ultimate Beauty Trick

I am about to let you in on a (not so) major secret on how to have the best skin possible. No, it's not a makeup trick, a special brand, layers of luminizers, or strips of scotch tape....ready for it? Sunscreen.

Yes, as boring as this sounds, I am telling you that I have helped thousands of folks over the years on the search, either through skincare or makeup, to get rid of or cover a multitude of skin sins. Dark spots, pre-mature wrinkles, redness, sagging skin, acne scarring, dullness ALL can be PREVENTED by diligently slathering a layer of sunscreen on each day.

There is so much money spent on products to get rid of past damage that is showing up now, and makeup to cover things that you wouldn't otherwise exist if not for years of exposed skin. Whether you buy a $50 sunscreen or pick one up at Walmart, you are still protected. Every year that goes by that you don't wear sunscreen every day of the year you getting the same damage to your skin as if you laid out in the sun for

two weeks on a tropical island all day with no sunscreen without at least the benefit of being able to actually BE on a tropical island for two weeks!

Strobe, contour, brows, matte lips; all that is trendy now and what will be trendy in the future will never be as important or as beautiful

as healthy, smooth, even skin.

Lastly, vanity aside, the most important reason for Sunscreen is to prevent one of the leading killers skin cancer. Do your loved ones a favor and never step foot in a tanning salong again, and commit to wearing SPF each

day for life. One simple step a lifetime of benefits.

For some inspiration I am posting some of my personal favorites!


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