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Create a Face Chart

Do you have that makeup palette with tons of colors untouched, while you have hit pan on just two or three? Challenge yourself to use the palette in different ways. If you loved to color in coloring books as a child, you will love making face charts. Making face charts is such a great way to create different makeup looks before choosing a look for yourself or others.

Just google image a blank face chart, print it outj (on watercolor paper if possible for the makeup to adhere best) and go to town!

I recommend starting by bringing your image to life by building the facial structure so it looks more 3D. This is an easy way to see what your makeup design will look like on an actual person. Perhaps you can make them have a very deepset eye, or a flat set eye first. Learning to apply makeup on different facial structures will make you a better artist on yourself and and others.

Here I am posting a video showing how to build the structure of a face chart! Now go have fun!

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