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2016 in beauty

2016 was a wild year professionally and personally and the world of beauty kept evolving like the rest of us! Here are my top beauty trends that reigned supreme in 2016!

As makeup trends go, the change in the calendar doesn't hit a reset button on how people are styling themselves, so many beauty trends from 2016 are merely evolutions from from that grow out of previous years. When you look back on the trends and looks that have burrowed themselves into the decades, they speak to the culture and reflect the times. The Two (I guess that's what I am calling this decade!) have a distinctive look that has established.

1. Deep Berry Matte Lips

Liquid Lips keep on forging onward and these deep berry/almost black tones dominated every season of 2016!

2. Everyone gets lashes!

False lashes everyday, everywhere, everylook...period.

3. Glitter Cut Crease

The Cut Crease has made a huge comeback from 40 years ago, and 2016 saw a fun take on this insta-trendy look with a little glitter liner!

4. Speaking of glitter....GLITTER!!

All the shimmery, glossy, metallic, glitzy, magical glam of glitter all over the eye. Glitter like we haven't seen it before; worn in a very refined way rather than a smear of glitter gel we smeared on our eyes and cheeks in the 90's. Thanks to the wonder of Pat McGrath, the level of glitter and metalized eyes has been turned up and I know will keep glowing into 2017!

5. Strobing.

Yes, it was a major part of 2016 as well! Layers upon layers of highlighter in all different textures in all the right places; as long as you could be seen from outer space!

6. Burgundy?

Yep, coppers, burgundy, merlot, wine, red, dark orange, and everything warm in between! These colors were huge this year, and thanks to some influencers and celebs...everyone got their hands on this flattering color. (Makeup Geek Colab with MannyMua, Kylie Jenner shadow palette, and Jaclyn Hill and her infamous Morphe palette!)

Can't wait to see what 2017 brings us!



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