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My 2017 Makeup Trend Predictions

Call me Miss Cleo because I'm about to throw down some 2017 forecasting! Maybe some of it is wishful thinking, but this is how I am calling it for these next 12 months of beauty!


I have no prejudice against the reign of the matte liquid lip, but I think it's about time Newton's 3rd law pulls rank.

My Top picks for the most luscious lustrous lips are:

Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer. This gloss lays down shine like no one else and it is so buttery smooth and yummy you just want to stare at your lips all day.

My other suggestion is the ultra tingly cooling Buxom lip gloss. It plumps your lips and gives you major glow.

2. Major Lashes

Lashes were big in 2016 and I am declaring they will be big and bigger in 2017. Not to say the look of lashes will be bigger, but I believe it will become even more mainstream to wear lashes on a daily bases for many people. When we think of false lashes, we think of the 1960's when they saw a huge rise in popularity, but they also surged in the 1930's when Vogue promised lashes of 'bewildering length'. Let's face it, every look always looks better with a set of falsies on.

3. Brows.

Brows have been very large and in charge and quite structured thanks to Instagram. With the 90's trending hard, 90's brows are in our future. I'm okay with that! Well, to a degree. I see brows staying a strong part of the look, but tweezed a little thinner, and not as angular as we have been bombarded with.

4. Goodbye Strobing! Maybe that's wishful thinking, but a smooth matte perfected skin with a soft lit radiant glow that looks like it's coming from within the skin is what I see in my crystal ball. Complexion products with a smooth, velvety blurring texture are on the rise and that will give rise to a different finish, far away from the excessive glisten and 1600 lumens the strobing trend has brought us.

To get this look, I have a few recommendations:

Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint

Glam Glow Volcasmic Moisturizer

Lancome Visionaire 1 Minute Blur

There you have my 4 predictions for 2017!! Let's circle back in a year and see how I did! Happy New year!

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